View from the Mirror ebook special

To celebrate the forthcoming release of The Summon Stone, for the next few weeks you can get the 4 ebooks of The View from the Mirror for 99c each in Australia and NZ.

Why nowhere else? Unfortunately I don’t control the price anywhere else. Buy on iBooks.

The View from the Mirror ebooks

2 thoughts on “View from the Mirror ebook special”

  1. I read these books many many years ago, and loved them. I had a huge collection of hardback sci- fantasy books.

    I waited and waited for everything to go digital and donated my books to the local library. They were thrilled. I told the librarian that I would certainly miss them. She told me to come and visit!

    I have slowly been collecting the book version of the books I would like to read again. Cheers and good luck with your new book.

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