To my Lovely Facebook Fans

To my thousands of Facebook fans,, who:

  • are an unending source of enthusiasm, encouragement, advice and good humour that lifts my heart at the beginning and the end of each writing day;
  • cheerfully and thoughtfully answer my questions about diverse topics such as the availability of my books, suggestions for book and series’ titles, ebooks and the future of books, and a thousand other topics;
  • constantly beg me for news about the next book and read it as soon as it comes out;
  • bring backpacks full of lovely, battered, well-loved books to my signings;
  • laugh at my jokes, no matter how feeble;
  • Criticise me some of the times I need it;
  • share the horror of my office spider experiences;
  • make my lime liqueur recipe and tell me how much they like it –;
  • and generally encourage me in ways great and small –

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “To my Lovely Facebook Fans”

  1. My reading world has become so much richer since discovering Ian’s books. Really in the ‘I cant put this down’ category. I enjoy them so much that I willingly wait until he completes a triloghy now so I can read them back to back.

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