Three Worlds Short Stories Coming in 2013

I’ve been thinking about writing some Three Worlds short stories for a while now, to show some old characters in a different light, introduce new ones, and resolve various mysteries that have been bugging me for some time. And, following great feedback from hundreds of people on my Facebook page, I’m going to do it.

Way mediumI plan to start writing them in May 2013, once Justice is edited and at the same time as I’m doing the planning for the View from the Mirror sequel. Many of the stories will probably be set in Iagodor. Some, I suspect, in in the impossibly ancient and wicked city of Thurkad.

The land is in turmoil because of the alien creatures – lyrinx and others – that recently came through the Way between the Worlds and are intent on carving out lands of their own … though their numbers are still small, and not everyone takes the threat seriously … but certain traitors do …

So, the time is around 10 years after The View from the Mirror. That is, nearly 200 years before Geomancer. I don’t think writing short stories will significantly delay the sequel. In fact, they’ll help me to crystallise my ideas.
They’ll be longish short stories, probably novella length – 30 to 40 pages. And initially I’ll post them as free downloads on my site and Amazon, just to see how they go. I can’t wait.
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