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Gates of Good & Evil series


The long-awaited sequel to the international bestseller – The View from the Mirror quartet


Book 1. The Summon Stone

May 2016

TSS Final cover

Kill the red-haired child!

The Merdrun, a cruel race embittered by an ancient betrayal and blooded by thousands of years of war, are gathering on Cinnabar, a barren worldlet in the void.

On Santhenar their long-hidden summon stone is waking, corrupting good people as well as bad, and turning arcane places into magically polluted wastelands. If it is not destroyed it will gather enough power to create a portal and call the Merdrun through.

In a nightmare, a nine-year-old girl, Sulien, sees the Merdrun leader, Gergrig – and he sees her. Gergrig orders Sulien killed and brings the invasion forward, to the night of the triple moons.

If Karan and Llian are to save their daughter and their world, Karan must find a way to stop Gergrig, the greatest warrior in the void. Llian has to destroy the summon stone before the night of the triple moons, though he has no idea where it is.

But soon the summon stone will call the Merdrun through and only four flawed people stand in their way:

  • Karan, now hunted relentlessly by a former friend.
  • Llian, framed for murder and forced to betray an ally’s darkest secret.
  • Wilm, a feckless youth who doesn’t yet know anything; and
  • Aviel, a crippled seventh sister – and the unluckiest girl in all the world.
Readers’ Reviews

Amanda K

Finished The Summon Stone last night and it has been worth the wait! Absolutely loved it! Please don’t make us wait too long for the next one though! Will start re-reading tonightkeep up your awesome work Ian!

Thomas A

It was a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down, I doubt anyone else who has read your work is different.

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Book 2. The Fatal Gate

May 17, 2017