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Epic Fantasy


‘This precise and beautifully crafted novel blooms from its ascetic opening to a resonant and rewarding climax. Makes what’s currently available on fantasy shelves seem hackneyed and formulaic. Utterly absorbing.” Stephen Davenport, Independent Weekly, on The Destiny of the Dead.

The bestselling Three Worlds fantasy cycle currently consists of 12 novels in 4 series, plus an anthology of shorter stories.The 4th series (The Gates of Good and Evil) began in May 2016 with Book 1, The Summon Stone. Book 2, The Fatal Gate, will be published in May 2017.

Ian is planning  a second story anthology, to be published in November 2016, and a 5th Three Worlds series that will begin publication around 2018.

The View from the Mirror quartet (first published by Penguin Australia 1998-1999; still in print).

ONCE THERE WERE THREE WORLDS, each with their own human species. Then, fleeing out of the void came a fourth species, the Charon. Desperate, on the edge of extinction, they changed the balance between the worlds forever .

Karan, a sensitive with a troubled heritage, is forced to steal an ancient relic in repayment of a debt. It turns out to be the Mirror of Aachan, a twisted, deceitful thing that remembers everything it has ever seen.

At the same time, Llian, a brilliant chronicler, is expelled from his college for uncovering a perilous mystery. Thrown together by fate, Karan and Llian are hunted across a world at war, for the Mirror contains a secret that offers each species survival, or extinction!

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The Well of Echoes quartet (first published  by Penguin Australia 2001-2004; still in print). This series is set ~ 205 years after the end of The View from the Mirror.

TWO HUNDRED YEARS AFTER THE FORBIDDING WAS BROKEN, Santhenar is locked in war with the lyrinx – intelligent, winged predators from the void who will do anything to gain their own world. Despite the development of battle clankers and mastery of the crystals that power them, humanity is losing, for the enemy is destroying their nodes of power, one by one.

Tiaan, a lonely crystal worker in a clanker manufactory, is experimenting with an entirely new kind of crystal when she begins to have extraordinary visions. The crystal has woken her latent talent for geomancy, the most powerful of all the Secret Arts, and the most perilous. Geomancy is likely to kill her before she masters it. It is a talent that allies and enemies alike are desperate to control.

Falsely accused of sabotage by her rival, Irisis, Tiaan flees for her life. She is also hunted by the lyrinx, Ryll, who plans to use her in his dreadful flesh-forming experiments, and only geomancy can save her. Struggling to control her talent, Tiaan follows her visions all the way to Tirthrax, greatest peak on all the Three Worlds, where a nightmare awaits her …

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The Song of the Tears trilogy (first published   by Penguin Australia 2006-2008; still in print). This series begins ten years after the end of The Well of Echoes and features some of its surviving characters, as well as a host of new characters.

AFTER TEN YEARS OF SERVITUDE, Nish is about to be released from the blackest prison of the maimed God-Emperor, Jal-Nish Hlar, his corrupt father. Jal-Nish holds the two sorcerous quicksilver tears, Gatherer and Reaper, and with them controls all of the Secret Art. All opposition having been crushed, he has begun to remake the world in his depraved image.

The only hope of overthrowing him lies in Nish, whom the oppressed peoples of the world see as a messianic figure, the Deliverer for, as Nish was dragged off to prison a decade ago, he wildly promised to return and cast down his father.

Unfortunately Nish is powerless and without allies. But worse, his father wants Nish to become his lieutenant and become as corrupt as he is. Jal-Nish offers Nish everything he has ever desired and, faced with the unbearable alternative of another ten years in prison, he isn’t sure he can resist the temptation.

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The Gates of Good and Evil series, the long-promised sequel to The View from the Mirror. 

The Merdrun, a cruel race blooded by thousands of years of war, are gathering on Cinnibar, a barren worldlet in the void. In a nightmare, a nine-year-old girl, Sulien, sees the Merdrun leader, Gergrig – and he sees her. Gergrig orders Sulien killed to protect the secret and brings the invasion forward, to the night of the triple moons.

If Karan and Llian are to save their daughter and their world, Karan must find a way to stop Gergrig, the greatest warrior in the void. And Llian has to find and destroy the summon stone before the night of the triple moons, though he has no idea where it is.

Book One, The Summon Stone, May 2016. Book 2, The Fatal Gate, May 2017.

TSS Final cover

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A Wizard’s War and Other Stories, an anthology of novellas and short stories, includes characters old and new from the Three Worlds Cycle and covers several thousand years of the Histories. First published November 2015.

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The Tainted Realm trilogy (published by Orbit Books 2011 – 2013), is related to the Three Worlds stories via the ancient history of the Charon people. Some of the characters from The Tainted Realm will also appear in the later books of The Gates of Good and Evil.

TEN YEARS AGO, TWO CHILDREN WITNESSED A MURDER that still haunts them as adults.

Tali watched as two masked figures killed her mother, and now she has sworn revenge. Even though she is a slave. Even though she is powerless. Even though she is nothing in the eyes of those who live underground, she will find her mother’s killers and bring them to justice.

Rix, heir to Hightspall’s greatest fortune, is tormented by the fear that he’s linked to the murder, and by a sickening nightmare that he’s doomed to repeat it.

When a chance meeting brings Tali and Rix together, the secrets of a kingdom are uncovered and a villain out of legend returns to throw the land into chaos. But before Tali and Rix can save the realm – and themselves – they must learn to trust each other.

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