The Sequel to The View from the Mirror – When?

My most frequently asked question: When do we get to read the sequel to The View from the Mirror Quartet?

Answer: I’ll be starting the first book next year.


Way back in the year 2000 – about a year after The Way Between the Worlds, the last book in the series was published – I promised that one day I would write a follow-up series, which at the time I thought would be called The Fate of the Children.

That time is fast approaching. Once my current book (Justice, Book 3 of The Tainted Realm) goes to editing on March 2, 2013, I’ll start planning the new series.

I hope to have the first book ready for editing around the end of 2013, so it would be published the following year.

I can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “The Sequel to The View from the Mirror – When?”

  1. Now this is what I have been eagerly awaiting, I have so enjoyed all of your books in the tale of the three worlds series, fantastic writing and what an imagination, I can actually see the characters in my mind as they change colours and patterns for communication, well done Mr Irvine!!!! regards Margaret Pryor, Perth, Western Australia

      1. also looking forward to the possible short stories, I so love your works, they take me out of this world and all it petty Idiocincrocies (not sure if I have spelt that corretly) and into another, it helps me relax and unwind, thankyou for such great imaginative writing.

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