The iPad 3 Competition Winner

Over the past five weeks I’ve been running a competition on my Facebook author page, where the prize is an Apple iPad 3 16G Wi-Fi.

The competition was open to Australians only (for legal reasons – such competitions are illegal in some countries) and was run under NSW government permit LTPS/12/01180.

The competition rules can be found here:

There were 1693 entries. Here’s how it was judged. I downloaded all the entries into a spreadsheet, deleted 18 invalid entries (ie those not from Australia), deleted my own test entry, and ended up with 1,674 valid entries, numbered from 1 to 1674.

I then obtained a random number sequence from 1 to 1674 using the Sequence Generator at The first number in the sequence is the winner.

That number is 318.

And the winner is John Ryan, who has been notified. Congratulations, John.

Commiserations to everyone else. But never fear, I’ll have more competitions running shortly at

Thanks for entering, everyone.

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