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Teachers, Parents and Librarians


Info for teachers, parents and librarians
on reading and Ian’s books

Which of Ian’s books are suitable for my child
/ my students / me?

Ian writes books for both children and adults.
If you’re a teacher, parent or librarian and want to know whether
Ian’s books would be suitable for your child or students, a brief
overview is set out below.



Ian has loved books and reading since he was
a little kid, so much so that when he was naughty, aged five or
six, his Mum would punish him by telling him he wasn’t allowed
to read anything for a week! He sneaked off and read when she wasn’t
looking, of course.

Ian thinks that reading is one of the most important
skills any child can learn and is delighted that his books have,
in some small ways, encouraged children to read. He doesn’t
write ‘issues’ books – Ian writes fantasy and
adventure with compelling plots and strong, likeable protagonists
in all sorts of trouble who have to save the day through their
own persistence, courage and cleverness.

For more about Ian, see About
and his Bio.

Blurbs, Reviews and first chapters can be found
in the sub-menus under “Ian’s Books” and Reviews.



Ian is happy to answer questions or respond to
messages left on his Facebook wall:

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The Grim and Grimmer
(Scholastic, 2010 – 2011).

Humorous fantasy adventure for upper primary
and lower secondary readers, though also enjoyed by adults. Full
of wordplay, whimsy and unusual characters.

  • Book 1 – The Headless Highwayman.
  • Book 2 – The Grasping Goblin.
  • Book 3 – The Desperate Dwarf.
  • Book 4 – The Calamitous Queen.

Humorous, action-packed adventure stories. 280
pages and 45,000 words each. For more information see Grim
and Grimmer


The Sorcerer’s
Tower Quartet
(Scholastic, 2008).

Fantasy adventure for primary readers.

Small books (80 pages, 10,000 words each) gorgeously
illustrated in black and white by award-winning artist and writer
DM Cornish. Teachers and librarians have often commented that these
books are just right for reluctant readers in middle primary school.

  • Book 1: Thorn Castle
  • Book 2: Giant’s Lair
  • Book 3: The Black Crypt
  • Book 4: Wizardry Crag

For more information see Sorcerer’s


The Runcible Jones
(Penguin Puffin, 2006-2010). Fantasy adventure
for upper primary and lower-mid secondary readers, but also read
by adults. Also available as Ebooks.

  • Runcible Jones and The Gate to Nowhere
  • Runcible Jones and the Buried City
  • Runcible Jones and the Frozen Compass
  • Runcible Jones and the Backwards Hourglass

420 pages and 105,000 words each. Runcible Jones
and his friends battle Lord Shambles on both our world and the
fantastical world of Iltior. For more information see Runcible



The Three Worlds Series.
Ian’s internationally bestselling epic fantasy series, published
in many countries and languages, has sold over a million copies.
These books are aimed at readers aged 15 to adult, though they
are often read by good readers as young as 12. 185,000 to 265,000
words each book. For more information see The
Three Worlds

The View from the Mirror
(Penguin, 1998-1999)

  • A Shadow on the Glass
  • The Tower on the Rift
  • Dark is the Moon
  • The Way Between the Worlds

The Well of Echoes
(Penguin, 2001 – 2004)

  • Geomancer
  • Tetrarch
  • Scrutator
  • Chimaera

The Song of the Tears
(Penguin, 2006 – 2008)

  • Torments of the Traitor
  • The Curse on the Chosen
  • The Destiny of the Dead

Ian is writing a standalone sequel to The View from the Mirror Quartet. It will be a trilogy and the first book should be available in 2015.

The Tainted Realm trilogy. These books are also epic fantasy, and are aimed at readers aged 15 to adult, though they are often read by good readers as young as 12. 204,000 to 219,000 words each book. For more information see Tainted Realm Trilogy.



The Human Rites Trilogy (Simon & Schuster,
2000-2004; new editions 2008 – 2010). Action-packed, and
sometimes grim, eco-thrillers about a world in the grip of catastrophic
climate change. 125,000 to 145,000 words each book. For more information
see Human Rites.

  • The Last Albatross
  • Terminator Gene
  • The Life Lottery