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Short Stories and Novellas

The Harrows

Dare Lita open the box at the bottom of the pool? And if she does, will it save her village – or harrow everyone again?

A short story set in the past of the Three Worlds. Now available in  A Wizard’s War and Other Stories.


First published in Trust Me Too, edited by Paul Collins, 2011.



Darkness Visible

Karan, aged 15, makes the long journey to Carcharon with Rael to uncover the truth about her father’s death. But she wakes something that should never have been disturbed, and it will haunt her all her days. A short story.

Available in Rich and Rare, an anthology of stories for young adults, edited by Paul Collins, 2015. In bookshops now.

RIch and Rare FRONT


Tribute to Hell

Greave defies the gods and is rightly punished. But can Astatine, a timid little nun, overcome her beliefs and her flaws and bring the gods to justice? A novella set in the legendary past of The Tainted Realm.

Available as a stand-alone novella from HarperCollins.

Tribute to Hell


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First published in Legends of Australian Fantasy, edited by Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan (2010). HarperCollins.