Rebellion Review

ImageRebellion, Book 2 of The Tainted Realm, had its first review recently, in AurealisXpress. For those who aren’t subscribers to Aurealis (Australia’s longest running and most influential SF/fantasy magazine) I’ve posted the review here, minus the first section which contains spoilers about Book 1, Vengeance.

“To tell much more would spoil the story, but believe me, there unfolds a rich, vividly populated tale. Politics, magic, loyalty and betrayal, epic journeys, the very hallmarks of Irvine are all satisfyingly present again, as this saga of shifting power and the search for the five black pearls unfolds. Best of all, the characters are so real! Outcast Rix, laden with guilt over his part in betraying his parents, has found a new companion in the servant girl Ginnie, who is protecting her brother Benn as they travel. Ginnie is uncertain of her status and her growing relationship with Rix, who usually manages to say or do the wrong thing. Tali travels perilously with Holm, who also lives with agonising guilt. Irvine does the guilty burdens that his characters carry so well! Credible, flawed characters, splendidly nasty baddies and a richly interwoven story. Great stuff!”

Reviewer: Crisetta MacLeod.

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