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Fans Question Three Worlds Characters

What’s the one question you’d like your favourite Three Worlds character – hero or villain – to answer truthfully? Mild forms of torture are allowed where necessary. Responses (including grunts, screams, blustery denials, blaming of victims and blatant lies) will be posted here. Get your thumbscrews out!

MikeLlian, why do you get pushed around so much? Isn’t there just a little more spirit in you to stand and fight?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Llian splutters. ‘I fought a lorrsk! And killed it, too.”

“Come, now, Chronicler, you can do better than that. Let’s just give the rack another wind, shall we?” Craaaack! 


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Readers Interrogate the Author

From an Interrogate Ian day on Facebook, 26 April 2016.

Arron:  Can you put me and Travis in one of your books. Preferably as 2 soldiers who do something heroic and die in a gruesome manner?

Ian: I’ll see what I can do. There’s always a role for people who enjoy fine liqueurs and order people around. In fact there’s one of them in The Summon Stone though … no, I’ll say no more.

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Readers have their say on Ian’s Books


These books draw me into an amazing epic adventure of quests, lost loves, wars . Not to mention epic struggles of main characters because Ian Irvine loves to torture them till they almost die ,then they die .


I read your book as I was finishing High School, and during my exams I was highly stressed.

‪So before each exam and before bed I would read a shadow on the glass, and it allowed me to escape my stress and experience another world for a little while.

‪I am really looking forward to reading this I have been waiting so long!

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