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Readers’ Reviews

Book 1 of the long-awaited sequel to The View from the Mirror. Out May 17, 2016.
Book 1 of the long-awaited sequel to The View from the Mirror.
From Facebook

Amanda K

Finished The Summon Stone last night and it has been worth the wait! Absolutely loved it! Please don’t make us wait too long for the next one though! Will start re-reading tonight. keep up your awesome work Ian!

Thomas A

It was a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down, I doubt anyone else who has read your work is different.

April D

“You Sir, are the devil. Around 10pm I told my dad that I was just going to sit up for a little while and read before going to bed… just after 4am, I have finished The Summon Stone and am DYING!!!!!

(I think total took me about 12 hours lol best distraction from life) I forgot to count how many times I cried or felt the overwhelming sensation to break something because of some of the characters. I feel as though I have been detached from books for so long, and this one, was definitely, a book to remember There is so much I want to say about this book and what happens, but it would be too much of a hassle to omit spoilers. But I will quite happily give a review. —– 

After just finishing The Way Between the Worlds, going henceforth into reading The Summon Stone, I was swept further into their world. The changes that have occurred to the characters in the ‘ten-year time skip’ is amazing, and from the very first line, countless webs of action, romance, treachery and adventure were spun across the following pages. Although harder to read no thanks to my mother watching State of Origin, and fighting to read between my university classes; I did not want to put this book down. I feel like a huge part of my soul has been ripped out, even more so when i looked up to the page number and went hunting for the end of the book… distressingly, the very next page. I’m not even remotely sure that it’s not possible to read this book, let alone the entire series at least once more before The Fatal Gate is released. I will definitely be marking how many more days. —–”

Miranda W

It was worth the wait.

Oster D

It was amazing, your 2.5 years of work took me 2-3 days to polish off hehe… Thanks again!

Talhia B

i finished this book early this morning. Turning page after page then realized there was no more book to read. 🙂 loved every second of it. it is lovely to be back in the Three Worlds series. cant wait for the next one. And my husband says “AWESOME” it really is an epic adventure.

Dave N

I recently finished re-reading the Song of the Tears trilogy, as well as A Wizard’s War (awesome), and The Summon Stone (enjoyed it immensely).

Cassandra M

How long do I have to wait for The Fatal Gate …and book 3 (what ever the title?) I finished The Summon Stone and want MORE!!!! I love Karen and Llian …

Ashley M

Picked up The Summon Stone the other day and started today on the coach home from Manchester. Now realising that leaving a handful of years gap between this and The Destiny Of The Dead probably wasn’t a good idea. Should I take the time to read the previous eleven books again? Am loving being back in the Three (or more) Worlds though. Mr Irvine, I am again a slave to your talent.

Jay S

How long will it be till the next book is out? As I’m just starting to re-buy them all and start the whole Three Worlds series again. Can’t get enough of them lol I got to the last book and I didn’t want to finish it because I get to attached and can’t bare for the story to end lol so I am just gunna start again read them all then finish the last 200 pages I left off.

David F

Just finished The Summon Stone a mere three days after buying it.

Loved the book! How long until the next one?

Kyle M

I read it in two go’s, great work as always.

James B

Extremely worthy. Going to wait a few weeks and re-read it!

Dean M

I have to admit i loved the airship parts from the books and the dreadnaughts id have love to see the Aachim do a version of Rulke’s construct but them adapt it to an airship form thay could be fun.

Emily J

Enjoying it immensely! Snoat and Ifoali (sp?) are fantastic antagonists. Of course, it is nice having familiar characters again too. Thanks also for the compilation of stories before this to help us understand the young faces better. Thank you for sharing your stories!

Joel C

The difference in style is noticeable! I’m enjoying it, it’s very reader friendly. Shorter chapters are awesome for late night readers.

Shannon B

Bought, read, and in the pile for rereading. Bring on book 2. it’s a very worthy sequel. I couldn’t put it down. The Three Worlds is my favourite fantasy series. You’re books are the best!

Mark B

The best books iv read in a very long time and completely hooked on the sequel.

Vanessa D

Finished the day after it came out. Always feel so sad when I realize there’s no more pages to turn… Id waited years for that book, and now the thought of waiting years to find out the ending is driving me batty 🙁

Zoe D

Got mine on Monday as Waterstones never fail me for my pre-orders. I’ve been unable to put it down… All I can say is poor poor Karan!

Ben W

I just got my copy today and so far it is amazing. You have me hooked already. I’m so glad to be with old friends again.

Tony D

Just finished reading this traveling through Italy on holidays from Oz

Wow was a great read Ian just need the next book now!

Margaret P

Once again Ian you are the most imaginative writer I have ever had the pleasue of reading, thankyou so much for writing this sequel, can’t wait for the next two.

Kelsie R

I have just started reading this and already cant put it down!!

I love all your books and have read them all many times.

Trent H

Got mine at QBD yesterday and finshed it already as usual… Well done Ian another mastpieice, a new adventure, but at the same time tying in so many threads from the past and future and fitting the puzzle pieces together that still had you wondering just how sometimes…..cant wait until next year!

Bradley Y

I was awaiting this book at the end of your last trilogy. I loved all of your Three Worlds books and they are literal page turners. You write so it’s really hard to pause at a chapter, they blend into each other so well. You are truly a leading Artificer of the genre! As someone who is finishing their own novel, you are a true influence.

Daniel B-M

Amazing all ready !

Reading about Karan again is a happy memory of my first time reading A Shadow on the Glass.

Nicole E

OMG… I am reading The Summon Stone and fight both myself to put it down. And then when I am not reading it I am thinking about it and all the past adventures. I dont want to finish it as I know the wait for the next will kill me but I know I will be going back to the very beginning again. I have waited so long for this. The adventures are fantastic I absolutely love your writing. Thanks for the great escape.

Deb M

If I’m going to keep on reading, then you had better keep on writing. The Summon Stone was fab, but it ended too soon. I’m left in this strange land and have no idea what’s going to happen next!

Andrew G

Great read!

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by Zahlia86

This book has been quite a few years in the making but it was definitely worth the wait! Make sure you also have a look at the View from the Mirror quartet, also awesome!

From Goodreads

Claire rated it 5 stars

There was once a review of Irvine’s work that referred to it as “a world-building labor of love”, and that phrase has always stuck with me because it truly is. I almost can’t give any of his works anymore an unbiased review, because his lovely world has sucked me in and I love it, too. I say “almost” because while this book was wonderful and such an amazing return to the world of Karan and Llian, I’m also aware that Irvine is not an overly eloquent writer–and you know what, I prefer it that way. His writing is confident in terms of the places and people he is writing about, as well as being accessible and easy to get drawn into. You can tell he cares so much about his subjects, but his writing doesn’t get bogged down as so many novels do with sounding overly intellectual or prosey. It’s fantasy anyone can love, and did I mention I love it? Granted, someone who is not already familiar with the Three Worlds series may not be as avid as I am, but that’s okay. They can always go back and read from the beginning.

Rosemary rated it 4 stars

Clever use of prologue! Fast paced with a couple of twists I didn’t see coming. Enjoyed the story very much.