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Readers’ Comments

These comments were made on Ian’s Facebook page.


These books draw me into an amazing epic adventure of quests, lost loves, wars . Not to mention epic struggles of main characters because Ian Irvine loves to torture them till they almost die ,then they die .


I read your book as I was finishing High School, and during my exams I was highly stressed.

‪So before each exam and before bed I would read a shadow on the glass, and it allowed me to escape my stress and experience another world for a little while.

‪I am really looking forward to reading this I have been waiting so long!


I love the journey I’m taken on every time I read one of your books. Just when you think oh no they are all dead amazingly everyone survives… Alas even the bad guys lol. I have enjoyed ever book series you released and lost lots of sleep reading them.


I’ve always enjoyed how you take the reader down the various trips and trappings of storytelling and turn them on their head, leaving the reader absolutely hooked. Karan escaping via the sewers was my first “I’m hooked” moment.


When I read your books they take me away from everything, I can start reading in the middle of the day and then suddenly it’s dark I just forget everything except the story.


I love the worlds you create and they let me get away from some of the troubles in my life. They allow me to live vicariously in others who are heroic, beautiful, powerful and successful. I loved when I won a copy of Vengeance from you in the past and definitely it prompted me to buy the next two in the series.


I love the unseeable plot twists. I like how you are unafraid to kill of characters. I like how the tiny hints in the first book are extremely important down the line in the 4th book.


Hubby and I have been reading and sharing your wonderful books with our children for years. It’s all in the colourful images that you write about, a good read is impossible to put down until it’s finished and your books are a good read.


I love getting lost in the books and you don’t just fall in love with one person in the book. I love the villains too. I have also gotten my 14 yo (10 when he first started ) to read the books. He loves them as much as I do.


I never read as a child or as a ‘ adult until a handful of years ago when i picked up A Shadow on the Glass. Now i can’t stop so glad i went to the library that day with my wife.


I remember being properly hooked when Karen, Magraith & Yuggur all met in that room, the palpable emotions and Karens terror. Fantastic series, your books just capture the imagination and i love how the twists really are twists and the ‘heroes’ aren’t really heroes.


I love anything fantasy and your books take me into another world that I can escape from the cruel real world we live in.


Your books were the second fantasy series I ever read and helped hook me on the entire genre! I love the worlds you have created and fall in love with the characters every time you release a new one.

‪Also this book would go extremely well with my entire signed collection of all your other books and my signed poster.


I brought A Shadow on the Glass on whim. I had just had my son and after working full time needed something to help fill in the time… Worse thing ever!!!!! I couldn’t put it down within a week I had scoured the shops looking for more!!!! It is so easy to get lost and taken away in the story.


I am not sure about enjoying them so much, more like enticed in how far you would ravage the character and destroy their soul in the process. Of course that led to some very late night reading.


What can I say apart from you’re a true original . I can normally compare a lot of authors to someone else I find that difficult for you but I say that in a positive way . I’ve been following these tales since the beginning and am looking forward to a revisit.


Ian possesses the rare gift of giving the reader a choice of which character to cheer for- whether it be the ‘hero’ or the supposed villain. This is due to the layering of each character and the differences between readers as to who they are as a person, from the joker in Llian, the damaged Yggur to even the commanding and proud Rulke.


From the moment I picked up A Shadow on the Glass audio book for a road trip south I was hooked. I searched desperately at every stop for the next audio book before I found the collection in Brisbane. It falls to a select few who put so much suspense and detail into a series.


These characters feel like they are real, and doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you have read about their adventures they stick to you like glue. I just love how flawed and human they are, but also how hard they fight for themselves.


Always loved the details in your books… the worlds… objects.. flora.. fauna.. people.. to just sink into your own imagination and conjure up mental pictures of where.. how and whom…


I’ve grown up with your books. I read the first words from you 14 years ago, when I was 14 years old. Ever since then, I go back to your books on a regular basis because they’re not only cathartic to me, but it’s like going to visit an old friend. Not only that but your worlds are so expansive yet at the same time they are so accesible and familiar despite being unfamiliar. Larger words like those of Tolkien can feel strange as well as lovely, but your worlds feel like home. I think back to times in your books, like Karan and Shand and the incident with the tub, and I have to remind myself that it happened in a book and not to someone I actually know. I’m looking forward so much to reading The Summon Stone, because reading about those familiar characters again will be like returning to a favorite, secret spot that’s been waiting for me all these years.


My grandfather recommended his copy of View from the Mirror to my mother, who passed it on to me – the three of us all followed Karan and Llian through their adventures. It was this passing of books from father to daughter to daughter that spawned my love of fantasy over a decade ago, a love that persists today.


To be honest, I just love how you torture your characters along the way and how it shapes who they become, I never know what will happen next.

More comments coming when I get a chance to add them.