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The Truth About Publishing (2nd Ed. 2005;
see The Truth About Publishing).
This article sets out to tell fiction writers almost everything
they need to know about writing and publishing. It has been widely
reprinted and is on the reading list of many creative writing courses.
Ian will be doing an updated edition on his blog in the coming

The Complete Guide SF

Chapter, The Art & Science of Book Promotion in The
Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction
, Dragon Moon
Press, Canada, 2007. Winner of the 2007 Eppie Award, best non-fiction
book. Available in print and ebook editions from Amazon and other

Ian will be updating this article over the coming
months on his blog to deal with social media etc

Secrets of the Dragon Riders

Chapter, How the Inheritance Series Differs
from Previous Fantasy Epics
, in Secrets
of the Dragon Riders
, Your favourite authors on Christopher
Paolini’s Inheritance Series. Borders Exclusives, Ben Bella Books,
Austin, Tx, August 2008. Updated edition, February 2010. Paperback.

A Bid For Fortune

Introduction to A
Bid for Fortune or Dr. Nikola’s Vendetta
, by Guy Boothby.
Classic Australian SF Series, Chimaera Publications, September
2010. Paperback.

Cinema Futura

Essay on V for Vendetta, in Cinema
(essays on 50 SF movies), PS Publishing, UK, Sept
2010. Hardcover.