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‘Irvine surpasses himself in his intricate portrayal of the impacts of climate change on people and the planet … impossible to put down.’ Sydney Morning Herald.

The 3rd edition (revised and updated in 2015) of Ian Irvine’s classic series about eco-terrorism and catastrophic climate change, Human Rites.

The Human Rites trilogy

  1. The Last Albatross
  2. Terminator Gene
  3. The Life Lottery

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Global warming and melting ice sheets have raised sea level by more than six metres, flooded thousands of cities and wrecked the global economy.

Now half a billion climate refugees are flooding into the West. Unemployment is higher than the Great Depression and people can’t take it any longer. Fascism is rising again and the armies of great nations prepare for a war that would destroy the Earth.

Into this ruined world stalks a fanatical eco-terrorist who believes that the only way to save the planet is to erase humanity from it – and he plans to do just that.

And only one person can stop him – little Irith Hardey.


“The action-packed plot of doomsday cults and planetary collapse isn’t far from the truth.” The 
Times (London).

“A chilling suspense story set against a backdrop of 21st Century environmental depletion and cultural degeneration. Portrays a frighteningly plausible future.” US Library

“A well-crafted near-future eco-thriller.” Roland Green, US Booklist.

Terminator Gene was shortlisted for the Aurealis Award.

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Ian has also written a dystopian SF thriller novella, Poisoned Chalice. First published by Harper Collins in 2000 in the anthology Mystery, Magic, Voodoo and the Holy Grail, it is long out of print now.

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