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Books For Kids


The Last Christmas – The North Pole is Melting!

The North Pole is melting, an evil toymaker, Mr Snear, is trying to steal Christmas, and Santa is losing his magic. Can Vixen, the littlest reindeer, stop Snear and find a way to save Christmas? An exciting and heart-warming Christmas adventure every child will love. More about The Last Christmas.

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Grim and Grimmer quartet

Humorous fantasy for readers 8 and up.

The Fey Queen is stealing the children of Grimmery for her Collection. She bathes in their nightmares to relieve her own, and there is one nightmare she wants most of all – Awkward Ike’s. More about Grim and Grimmer.


The Sorcerer’s Tower quartet

Fantasy for readers 6 – 10. Fantastically illustrated by D. M. Cornish.

The orphan Tamly and his best friend Kym are as different as fire and snow. Kym has magic coming out of her fingers, and Tamly has none at all. When their village is threatened by bad magic this unlikely pair will need to use their combined talents to steal the Book of Spells from the evil sorcerer Lord Harshax. More about The Sorcerer’s Tower.


Runcible Jones quartet

Adventure fantasy for readers 9 – 15 and up.

In a world terrified of magic, a boy is abandoned to the worst school in the world, a place designed to crush all magic out of him – GRINDGRIM. But Runcible Jones has to learn magic, to uncover the truth about his father’s death on another world. More about the Runcible Jones quartet.