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A Wizard’s War and Other Stories

A collection of shorter stories set in the world of Ian’s internationally bestselling The View from the Mirror and The Well of Echoes quartets.

A Wizard’s War and Other Stories

November 2015



This anthology of Three Worlds stories brings back some old favourite characters great and small. It introduces several new characters who will go on to do great and/or terrible deeds in his forthcoming series, The Gates of Good and Evil, and shines a light into some of the darker corners of the Histories.

A Wizard’s War. Towards the end of the devastating War of the  Clysm, the first meeting of the two greatest wizards on Santhenar will set up a thousand years of conflict. Here, in Mendark’s own words, is the story of the worst deed of his life, and the deed that made him. About 35 pages.

The Price of Freedom. Using the Mirror of Aachan, Tensor leads his troubled people through a gate to Santhenar, to attack their Charon enemies. But can the Twisted Mirror ever show true? Or will it betray him too? About 30 pages.

The Harrows. Dare Lita open the box at the bottom of the pool? And if she does, will it save her village – or harrow everyone again? About 8 pages.

The Professional Liar. Llian, brilliant creator of the monumental Tale of the Mirror, is a tormented man, and racked by guilt. He’s desperate to save himself – but is it too late? About 20 pages.

The Seventh Sister. Aviel, the unluckiest girl in the world, finds a dying man dumped in the terrifying Sacrifice Tree. Alone and crippled, she sets out to solve the riddle of his murder, and turn her miserable life around. But the thumbless killer is hunting her too. About 65 pages.

One Throw of the Die. The war has been lost and the last of the allies, led by Flydd, flee for their lives, pursued relentlessly by the brutal dictator Jal-Nish, whose two quicksilver Tears hold all the magical power in the world. Then Flydd’s dying friend, Troist, begs him to save his twin daughters from the malice of the tyrant. It’s a suicide mission but Flydd cannot refuse. Can he rescue Liliwen and Meriwen and get them to safety, or will Jal-Nish destroy them all? About 110 pages.

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