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On Writing

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Ian has written many articles on:

  • The craft of storytelling:
  • The publishing industry and how it works for authors;
  • Book promotion; and
  • Self-publishing.

Some of Ian’s articles have been widely distributed, republished in abbreviated forms by various Australian and international writers’ centres, and used in university creative writing courses. For the full articles (free), which run to some 200 pages, see the sub-menus or the links below.

Articles on writing and publishing

The Truth about Publishing

41 Ways to Create and Heighten Suspense in Fiction

60 Ways to Create Conflict

33 Ways to Create Inner Conflict

55 Ways to Create Compelling and Unforgettable Characters

How to Show Emotion and Inner Conflict

How to Solve Common Story Problems

The One-Page Guide to Storytelling

How to Format and Publish an Ebook

Writing Tips

What Publishers HATE

Other Articles

Ian wrote the chapter, The Art & Science of Book Promotion in The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction, Dragon Moon Press, Canada, 2007. Winner of the 2007 Eppie Award, best non-fiction book.


Chapter, How the Inheritance Series Differs from Previous Fantasy Epics, in Secrets of the Dragon Riders, Your favourite authors on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Series. Ben Bella Books, August 2008. Updated edition, February 2010.


Essay on V for Vendetta, in Cinema Futura (essays on 50 SF movies), PS Publishing, UK, Sept 2010. Hardcover.


Introduction to A Bid for Fortune or Dr. Nikola’s Vendetta, by Guy Boothby. Classic Australian SF Series, Chimaera Publications, September 2010. Paperback.