New US Covers, View from the Mirror ebooks

The View from the Mirror ebooks have just come out in the US with new covers, which will in future be used on other editions as well. Here they are. It’s a nice change, I reckon – I loved the original covers, which were used all over the world, but they came out more than 15 years ago and it’s time for an update.

Especially now that I’m working on the long-awaited sequel…

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “New US Covers, View from the Mirror ebooks”

  1. The colours are great! Don’t quite understand the sword motif, however. In the whole series the use of swords and traditional other weapons is pretty minimal. Am I missing something? 4 books, 4 human species….might have been cool to have each represented in some way.

    1. Yes, the use of such traditional weapons in the series was deliberately minimal, David. I wanted to do something different in fantasy. However these covers were designed in the US and, unlike the previous covers, I didn’t have any input to the design.

  2. I loved the original covers with their painted landscapes depicting the Earth like world of Santhenar and the volcanic planet of Aachan (I hope it was Aachan in The Way Between the Worlds) as seen from the Twisted Mirror. Those little tidbits really help with getting an understanding of the events taking place in each book.

    Got my fingers crossed that the covers to the sequel for The View from the Mirror will follow the same trend.

    1. I loved them too, Nick, and actually had a big hand in designing them, but they were done 16 years ago and covers need to be refreshed every so often, otherwise they stop attracting attention. I hope the new covers are fantastic, when they’re done, but with a new publisher, new designer, and done in a different country with little input from me, I honestly have no idea what they’ll be like, unfortunately.

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