My Song of the Tears Ebook Covers

My new covers for the Song of the Tears ebooks are done at last. And to celebrate, I’ve made Book 1, The Fate of the Fallen, available free on iTunes, Kobo and Google Play. The book that begins the great Three Worlds saga, A Shadow on the Glass, is also free for a little while. The price is 99 cents on Amazon as I can’t change the price to free, but hopefully they’ll price match. If you like the idea of free books please share this post.

Please note that these editions aren’t available in the UK, Europe and Canada, however my UK publisher’s editions are available there.

The covers were done with the movie animation software Maya, which is like using a nuclear power station to power an electric toothbrush – but it does give them a look unlike any other fantasy covers, and totally appropriate to the books, which is what I really wanted.

For more information, or to read the first pages, see this page on my website.

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    1. Hi Gordon

      In the second paragraph I mentioned places where it wasn’t available free, like the UK, because there it’s published by my UK publisher rather than by me, and they set the price. Sorry about that. Territorial rights are the curse of the digital age.

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