My New Kids’ Book – The Last Christmas

I’m really excited about my new book for younger readers. It arose from an idea Roland Kulen and I had three years ago. We did 17 drafts of the outline before I even started writing, and we’ve been working on it ever since, me as the writer and Roland as the principal editor. We’ve done so much work on it that it’s rather overwhelming to finally have it as an almost finished book. It will be published as an ebook on November 8, worldwide and is on pre-order now.

Cover Final October 11

The story – The North Pole is melting, and Santa’s elves are terrified that the dark is rising again. An evil toymaker, Kroolio Snear, attacks the village, trying to steal Christmas. Santa can’t do anything because something is robbing him of his magic.

Will this be the last Christmas? Only Vixen, the littlest reindeer, can stop Snear, but can she find everyone a new home in time to save The Last Christmas?

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