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A terrific article in the weekend magazines a couple of weeks ago about Selwa Anthony, literary agent extraordinaire. Selwa has been my literary agent for the past 16 years and she is indeed one in a million – and arguably the best agent in Australia.

Selwa Anthony

Unfortunately the great success of some of her authors has meant that Selwa rarely takes on new authors, because she’s so busy looking after the careers of her current stable.

Some of Selwa’s most excellent authors now published all over the world include (I’m mainly focusing on the ‘fantasy cabal’, AKA the ‘ratbags group’, and honorary associates thereof):

  • Kate Morton who, with her fourth book just out and already worldwide sales of around 8 million, is well on the way to becoming one of Australia’s all-time biggest selling authors.
  • Kim Wilkins, who has published more than 20 novels in the fields of fantasy, horror and recently, women’s fiction, and won innumerable awards. Kim recently scored a mega-deal for German publication (writing as Kimberly Freeman).
  • Josephine Pennicott, who has also published fantasy in the past, and also recently inked a great German deal for Poet’s Cottage
  • The amazingly original Richard Harland, whose YA steampunk Worldshaker series has had terrific success internationally and picked up several major awards in France.
  • Bestselling and multi-award winning thriller writer Katherine Howell,
  • Jess Shirvington, whom I posted about here just the other day,
  • Belinda Alexandra, whose novel White Gardenia began a series of international bestsellers,
  • Not to mention my humble self.

The article about Selwa is here:

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    1. Hi Jill,

      Selwa is so busy that she rarely takes on new authors and has asked us not to give out her details at the moment.

      Good luck with your book, Ian.

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