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Competition Winners



List of Winners

Ian’s 500 Books in 300 Days Competition

January 2011 – June 2012

(Get three Honourable Mentions and you also win)


Week 40 (58 entries). Winners: 1st, Pamela Maddocks, 2nd Ward Bond, 3rd, Esther Walls. Honourable Mentions: Lej Parton, Michael Potter, Matthew Elric Romeo, Toby Johnson, Victoria Proctor.

Week 39 (24 entries): Winners: 1st, Tony Mansfield, 2nd, Patrick Chaffin, 3rd, Dave Dray. Honourable Mentions: Anna Tipton, Danny Charles Daines, Ricky Henderson.

Week 38 (40 entries): Winners: Karl Mersh, 2nd, Tony Mansfield, 3rd, Sue Knight. Honourable Mentions: Duncan Anderson, Michael Davis, Dave Dray, Toni Louise Clark, Alistair Geddes, Grey Dw.

Week 37 (45 entries). Winners: 1st, Danny Charles Daines, 2nd, Michael Davis, 3rd, Tony Mansfield. Honourable Mentions: Charmaine Telford, Sam Clifton, Dave Dray, Mitchell Fitzsummons, Bateman McBride.

Week 36 (25 entries). Winners: 1st Charmaine Cree, 2nd, Dave Dray, 3rd Danny Charles Daines. Honourable Mentions: Courtney ‘Toffee’ Rohde, Duncan Anderson, Kelly Broadbent, Edward Bennett-Williams.

Week 35 (36 entries). Winners: 1st, Carolina Maria Ostmark, 2nd, Sarah Blundell, 3rd, Esther Walls. Honourable Mentions: Courtney ‘Toffee” Rohde, Mitchell Fitzsummons, Danny Charles Daines.

Week 34 (77 entries). Winners: 1st, Jason Stevens, 2nd, Sue Knight, 3rd, Patrick Chaffin. Honourable Mentions: Victoria Proctor, Nick Fisher, Esther Walls, Jon O’Mara Yuen Harrison, Danny Charles Daines.

Week 33 (44 entries). Winners: 1st, Stephanie Elizabeth Kirsch, 2nd, Scott Mooney, 3rd, Amber Charlene Craddock. Honourable Mentions: Lisa Leigh, Julie Strahan, Sue Knight, Thijs Roeloffs.

Week 32 (63 entries). Winners: First, Courtney ‘Toffee’ Rohde, Second, Rebecca Cairns, Equal Third, Rebecca J Fleming and Vivian Mercadal. Honourable Mentions (get 3 HMs and you also win). Jane Domagala, Martin Ellis and Marc Burdon.

Week 31 (117 entries). First, Sonja Mackay, Second, Charmaine Cree, Equal Third, Christine Bolton and Cameron Edwards. Honourable Mentions (get 3 HMs and you also win), Kaylon Fleay, Scott Mooney, Stephanie Elizabeth Kirsch and Joshua Lowe.

Week 30 (20 entries). Winner, Emma Billing, Second, Jennifer Francis, Third, Kayla-Lynn Yetman. Honourable Mentions, Grey Dw, Roxanne Cole, Mitchell de Vries.

Week 29 (artist’s comp: 10 entries): 1st, Jon O’Mara Yuen Harrison (Rulke on the construct, Karan and Llian), 2nd, Cameron James (Ullii), 3rd Robert Shand (Jal Nish Hlar), Hon Mentions Ami Jones (Karan in blasted landscape) and Gemma Baker (Karan).

Week 28 (34 entries): 1st, Stephanie Elizabeth Jolly, 2nd, Evelyn Blackwell, 3rd, Carole Elizabeth, Hon Mentions, Charlotte Brittain, Anna Tipton, Matthew Bellis.

Week 27 (49 entries): 1st, Stuart Jackson, 2nd, Ben Bowring, 3rd, Gemma Baker, Hon Mentions David Hawkes and Lukifer Jappinen.

Week 26 (43 entries): 1st Anita Nicole Higgs, 2nd, Tanya Knight, 3rd, Zachary Mac, Hon Mentions, Shaun Adamson, Juanita Kees, Therese Kelly, Jessica Alice andJamie Williams.

Week 25 (25 entries): 1st, Andrew Gleeson (The Bible), 2nd Grey Dw (The City and the City), 3rd, Alan Ronald Thompson (Lord of the Flies), Hon Mentions, Daniel Hope and Charlotte Brittain.

Week 24 (42 entries): 1st, Joseph Elliott, 2nd, Joel Carpenter, 3rd, Kayla-Lynn Yetman,
Hon Mentions Rachael Pymm, Neil Craig, Gemma Baker and Grey Dw.

Week 23 (18 entries): 1st, Eoin O’Connor, 2nd David Hawkes, 3rd, Cheryl Bennett, Hon Mention, Galen Bantjes.

Week 22 (31 entries): First, Josh Travers, 2nd, Evelyn Blackwell, 3rd Aaron Hodges, Hon mentions to Corey Pierce, Lisa Leigh and Toby Johnson.

Week 21 (54 entries). First, Joshua Lowe, 2nd, Joseph Elliott, 3rd, James Nicol, Hon Mentions to Gemma Baker and Mitchell Fitzsummons.

Week 20 (25 entries): 1st, Emily Fox, 2nd Corey Pierce, 3rd, Tyson Manley, Hon mention Helen Lucretia Dalby (hurrah for the kaleidoscopic rhubarb!).

Week 19 (12 entries): 1st, Josh Brown, 2nd Meredith Anderson, 3rd Angela Bland, Hon Mention, Megan McCormack.

Week 18 (23 entries): 1st, Luke Grant, 2nd, Flynn Ryan, 3rd, Ann Sculley, HMs Rachael Pymm, Emily Fox, Cassandra Menne.

Week 17 (27 entries): 1, Mizuky Mio, 2, Melissa May, eq 3rd, Jamie Irvine & Andrew Gilfellon & Chamaree Goonetilleke, Hon Mentions Sue Coman & Tui Davidson.

Week 16 (16 entries): 1st, Megan McCormack, 2nd Kimberley Page, 3rd, Cameron James, HM Jodi Stirling.

Week 15 (9 entries): All correct: Peta Swan, Corey Pierce and Jacob James Harrison. Honourable Mentions, Duncan Paterson and Andrew Gilfellon.

Week 14 (44 entries): First, Miriam Herlihy, 2nd, Emily Fox, eq 3rd, Nicole Roy and Anna Tipton, Honourable Mentions, Robyn Wardlaw, Meredith Anderson, Josh Travers, Cathy Clarke and Corey Pierce.

Week 13 (32): 1st, Corey Pierce, 2nd, Mitchell Fitzsummons, 3rd, Angela Bland. Hon Mentions to Josh Travers, Melissa May, Anna Tipton, Alice Dragonwyst Suttie and Tianna Robertson.

Week 12 (17): 1st, Mitchell Fitzsummons, 2nd, Alex Longbottom, 3rd, Ann Sculley, HM Angela Bland.

Week 11 (36): 1st, Tianna Robertson, 2nd, Haley Bell Gorman, equal 3rd (so you each get the full prize), Kaitlin ‘Flakn Sticks’ Flanigan and Maddison Marree Rovere. Honourable Mentions to Holly Flude, Josh Travers, Fiona Prato and Rebecca Caldwell.

Week 10 (23): 1st, Amelia Barnes, 2nd, Kym Brameld, 3rd, Duncan Paterson, HM Lochie Mackriell.

Week 9 (54): 1st Ellyane Wall, 2nd Melissa May, 3rd, Cathy Clarke, HM Rachael Pymm.

Week 8 (14): 1st Craig Johnson, 2nd Claes Harrysson, 3rd Luke Grant.

Week 7 (31): 1st, Lisa Leigh, 2nd, James Goldie, 3rd, Cassandra Menne, HMs Claes Harryson, Cathy Clarke, Jason Stevens.

Week 6 (39): 1st, Chamaree Goonetilleke, 2nd Shaun Adamson, 3rd, Angela Bland, Consolation (youth), Emma Boyd, HM Stuart Patch.

Week 5 (26): 1st, Jacob Harrison, 2nd, Duncan Anderson, 3rd, Robyn Wardlaw, HMs, John Vincent O’Toole, Lisa Leigh, Josh Travers.

Week 4 (30): 1st, Jon Carton, 2nd Eric Morris, 3rd Jessica Masdon, HMs Lauren Johnston, Duncan Anderson, Cassandra Menne.

Week 3 (12): 1st, Robert Volker, 2nd, Duncan Anderson, 3rd, Charlotte Brittain, HM Fae Usher, Shane Logan.

Week 2 (9): 1st, Fae Usher, 2nd Josh Travers, 3rd, Rachael Pymm, HM Andrew Gilfellon.

Week 1 (47): 1st, Gaven Ferguson, 2nd, Cath Cowley. HMs, Zena Shapter, Linda Vinksi.


Win an iPad 2 Competition
2nd – 30th April 2011.

iPad 2 (743 valid entries): First, Rosemary Attard, consolation Biljana Luccio and John Adamson.


Second Win an iPad 2 Competition
3rd Sept – 15th Oct 2011.

iPad 2 (1057 valid entries): Winning number from, 1003. Winner, Zac Mac.


1st Poster Competition
April 24, 2011

75 entries. Winners: Patricia Yarlett,Mitch Crane, Rebecca Scarinci, Stephanie Gale, Andrew van der Kolff.