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The View from the Mirror Giveaway


My lovely publishers for the past 16 years, Orbit Books, are giving away five full sets of the print edition of The View from the Mirror quartet. The competition is open to anyone aged 16 or over in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. To enter, go to my Facebook page, comment under the competition (April 2) with why you enjoy reading my books and tag the person you would want to share this series with. Good luck!

The competition closes on April 15th! Don’t forget to read the full t&cs before entering.

Notes on A Wizard’s War

Stories in my first Three Worlds anthology

A Wizard’s War

WizardsWar_smlThe Price of Freedom. This 30-page story is from the Distant Past, more than 3,900 years before the events told in The View from the Mirror. It portrays one of the most important moments in the Histories of the Three Worlds – the first meeting of Rulke, the greatest of all the Charon, and the young, brilliant but troubled Tensor. The outcome of that meeting will echo down the ages.

The Harrows. A little story (8 pages) from Ancient Times. It is set between the Forbidding (3,000 years before the time of The View from the Mirror) and the beginning of the Clysm (~1,500 years before). Thanks very much to Lisa Leigh for the seed from which this story grew.

A Wizard’s War. Perhaps the greatest, unquestionably the most influential, and certainly one of the longest-lived old human mancers has always been an enigma, not least because he made sure that all the records of his early life were erased. But late in his final life Mendark must have regretted it, and took care to set some parts of the record straight. Here, for the first time and in his own words, is the story of the worst deed of his life, and the deed that made him. The young Yggur also makes an appearance.

Shadow medium ebookThis 35-page story is set late in the Clysm, the 500-year war between the Aachim and the Charon that devastated Santhenar and almost wiped old humans out. The time is around 1100 years before the events of The View from the Mirror.

The Professional Liar
. A 20-page story about Llian, the hero (along with Karan) of The View from the Mirror. It is set five years after the ending of The Way Between the Worlds and shows Llian struggling to deal with a problem arising from his past reckless choices.

The Seventh Sister. This novella of about 65 pages is set seven years after the end of my epic fantasy quartet The View from the Mirror, and features two favourite characters from that series, Shand and Tallia, plus two new characters – the incredibly unlucky but gifted seventh sister, Aviel, and her friend, the brave but gawky Wilm – who will become important characters in my new epic fantasy, The Summon Stone, out in May 2016. There is no need to have read The View from the Mirror first, however this story does reveal one detail from the ending.

One Throw of the Die. This long novella of about 110 pages begins immediately after the end of The Well of Echoes 4: Chimaera, and tells the adventures of some of the main characters of that series, the Scrutator Xervish Flydd, the dwarf Klarm, Yggur, Flangers and others, as they flee for their lives, hunted relentlessly by the God-Emperor Jal-Nish. Two minor characters from that series also appear here, the young twin girls Liliwen and Meriwen. Spoiler alert – it necessarily gives away the ending to Chimaera.

A Wizard’s War also contains a timeline of the key historical events on Santhenar. The ebook is available from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay, Smashwords and other retailers.

Happy reading!


Worldspinner – Fantasy RPG Map Maker and Worldbuilder

If you’re interested in fantasy maps, tabletop roleplaying games and world-building, check out Worldspinner (currently in the last stages of crowd-funding). They’ve raised over $60,000 so far, way more than the minimum, so the good news is it’ll soon be all go.They’re starting up an online worldbuilding tool that will allow people to design and map unique fantasy worlds in minutes.

I’m not associated with Worldspinner, however I am writing some Three Worlds stories and associated material for their site. I’ll also be creating some new Three Worlds maps which subscribers will be able to print out at home, or order large, full colour maps.


My Song of the Tears Ebook Covers

My new covers for the Song of the Tears ebooks are done at last. And to celebrate, I’ve made Book 1, The Fate of the Fallen, available free on iTunes, Kobo and Google Play. The book that begins the great Three Worlds saga, A Shadow on the Glass, is also free for a little while. The price is 99 cents on Amazon as I can’t change the price to free, but hopefully they’ll price match. If you like the idea of free books please share this post.

Please note that these editions aren’t available in the UK, Europe and Canada, however my UK publisher’s editions are available there.

The covers were done with the movie animation software Maya, which is like using a nuclear power station to power an electric toothbrush – but it does give them a look unlike any other fantasy covers, and totally appropriate to the books, which is what I really wanted.

For more information, or to read the first pages, see this page on my website.

Free ebook of A Shadow on the Glass

I’m doing a monthly email newsletter and, to encourage people to sign up, I’m giving away a free e-book of A Shadow on the Glass, Book 1 of my internationally bestselling Three Worlds epic fantasy sequence, which has sold over a million print copies.

1 Shadow smallerThe newsletter will be packed with news about the long-awaited sequel to The View from the Mirror, sample chapters and bonus material no one else has seen, competitions and giveaways.

Your e-book comes in either:

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