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All the maps were hand drawn by Ian Irvine, based
on door-sized maps created during his world-building phase of the
late 1970’s and early 80’s. Part of one of the earliest maps is
shown below (1978).

Early map

The final map of Lauralin and Meldorin is shown
below, redrawn at A4 size from an original approximately 2 metres
high by 1 metre wide. The map is extensively modified from the
original, including redrawing in reverse. The maps were lettered
by Cathy Larsen.

Santh - final map

The Three Worlds

The following maps are used in The
View from the Mirror

The Well of Echoes refers

In The Song of
the Tears
, this map is used.

All these maps were drawn by the author and lettered
by Cathy Larsen at Penguin Books.

Runcible Jones

Here is a sketch map of part of Iltior, for the
Runcible Jones books Runcie Map,
and here is the published version (by Cathy Larsen). Runcible
3 Map

Grim and Grimmer

Here is the map used in the Grim and Grimmer
books, drawn by Patricia Howes based on a sketch by Ian Irvine. Wychwold

Plan of the scale model of Wychwold, third floor
of the Fey Queen’s Winter palace, scene of the battle in The
Calamitous Queen
. Map by Patricia Howes. Wychwold Scale Model

The Tainted Realm

Here is a very rough map which will form the
basis of the map in Vengeance. It shows the volcanic province of
Central Hightspall (which was known as Cythe in olden times). Rough
Map, Cythe

Here is the final map from Vengeance. Central Hightspall map.

Here is the Central Hightspall revised map from Rebellion. Central Hightspall revised map.

Here is the Greater Hightspall revised map from Rebellion. Greater Hightspall revised map.