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About Ian

I’m an Aussie novelist, as well as a marine scientist who has developed some of Australia’s national guidelines for protection of the oceanic environment. My 29 novels include the international bestselling 11-book Three Worlds fantasy sequence, made up of The View from the Mirror quartet, The Well of Echoes quartet and The Song of the Tears trilogy. There’s at least one more Three Worlds trilogy to come.

I’ve also written a trilogy of thrillers about catastrophic climate change, Human Rites.

And 12 books for younger readers:

  • The Runcible Jones quartet, adventure fantasy for 9 –15 year old readers;
  • The Sorcerer’s Tower quartet, for junior readers, ages 7 – 12; and
  • The Grim and Grimmer quartet, humorous fantasy for readers aged 8 – 80.

My latest book is Rebellion, Book 2 of a new epic fantasy trilogy, The Tainted Realm, which began in 2011 with Vengeance and will conclude late in 2013 with Justice, which I’ve recently finished drafting.

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My photo by Elle Irvine.

Banner image from a series of 3-D images done for my Runcible Jones series by Simon Irvine.