Brief Biography

Ian Irvine is a marine scientist who has developed
some of Australia’s national guidelines for the protection of the
marine environment and still works in this field. He is married
with four grownup children and lives in northern NSW.

Ian has written thirty-one novels, including fantasy, eco-thrillers and books for children, and a book of short stories. His Three Worlds fantasy series, comprising The View from the Mirror, The Well of Echoes and Song of the Tears, has sold over a million copies and the books are published in many languages.

He has also written an eco-thriller trilogy about catastrophic climate change, Human Rites (recently updated in a new edition), plus twelve novels for children in the Runcible Jones and Sorcerer’s Tower quartets and the wacky, humorous adventure fantasy of his most recent series, Grim and Grimmer.

Ian’s latest epic fantasy novel is Justice,
Book 3 of The Tainted Realm, published in Australia in October 2013, and to be published in the US and UK in June 2014.

His next series is the long-awaited sequel to The View from the Mirror, to be published world-wide starting in 2015.

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