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About Ian

Ian IrvineIan Irvine is an Australian novelist, the author of 32 novels for adults and for children, plus an anthology of shorter Three Worlds stories.

He is also a marine scientist who has been working on pollution problems throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region since the late 1970s.

Ian is married with four grown-up children and lives in the mountains of northern NSW. He loves talking to readers and fans and does his best to answer questions promptly.  Contact Ian.

Ian’s Books

Epic Fantasy

Ian is best known for his international bestselling Three Worlds fantasy sequence, which has sold over a million copies and has been published in many languages. It comprises:

Forthcoming Three Worlds books:

  • The Gates of Good and Evil
    • The Summon Stone, Book 1 of the sequel to The View from the Mirror, will be published worldwide in May 2016.
    • The Fatal Gate, Book 2, May 2017.
  • 2nd anthology of shorter stories (November 2016).

Related to the Three Worlds series:

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The acclaimed trilogy of futuristic thrillers set in a world of catastrophic climate change, Human Rites. Now in its third edition.

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Books for Younger Readers

Ian has written 13 fantasy novels for younger readers:

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