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Anne Irvine's Etchings

 Anne Irvine's Etchings


Coming May 19, 2016

The long-awaited sequel to the
international bestseller

The View from the Mirror quartet

A Shadow on the Glass The Tower on the Rift Dark is the Moon The Way Between the Worlds

Nine years have passed and things are grim in Santhenar. Karan and Llian are almost bankrupt and the west is crumbling. Now the long-hidden summonstone is waking, corrupting good people as well as bad, and turning arcane places into magically polluted wastelands. Soon the Council is violently overthrown and the Magister, Tallia, is forced to run for her life.

But the summonstone has a darker purpose. In the void a cruel army is gathering, a martial human race – the Merdrun – embittered by the injustice done to them long ago. A people who can’t possibly exist.

The Merdrun burn to escape their soul-crushing exile. And there is no greater prize than Santhenar. Soon the summonstone will call them through and only four flawed people stand in their way –

  • Karan, now hunted relentlessly by a former friend.
  • Llian, framed for murder and forced to betray Mendark’s darkest secret.
  • Wilm, a feckless youth who doesn’t yet know anything; and
  • Aviel, a crippled seventh sister – and the unluckiest girl in all the world.

All 11 books of the Three Worlds sequence –

The View from the Mirror quartet

The Well of Echoes quartet

The Song of the Tears trilogy

are in print in the UK. Print editions are available through, and other retailers. Ebook editions are available through Amazon, iTunes, Kobo Books, Google Play and other retailers.

Here are the new covers of the Australian ebook editions.

A Shadow on the Glass The Tower on the Rift Dark is the Moon The Way Between the Worlds

View from the Mirror ebook covers

Geomancer Tetrarch Scrutator Chimaera

Well of Echoes ebook covers

Fate of the Fallen The Curse on the Chosen The Destiny of the Dead

Song of the Tears ebook covers